Contribute in Rewinding towards a Greener Planet.

In our quest to fulfil our desires, comfort and greed... humans have severely damaged the ecosystem and key elements of the only livable planate in the universe and it is on further onslaught...
Did we ever wonder, what are we leaving behind for the next generations to come? Time is NOW! To ACT!

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

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Curated Products
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Our Vision

To be the most trusted and largest platform inspiring people to adopt green, environment friendly and sustainable products and solutions contributing to a carbon negative world.

Our Mission

Is to collaborate with like-minded people (partners, consumers, crusaders) for an upcycled, eco-friendly, sustainable and value driven products and solutions to undo the damage leave behind a healthy, livable and green footprint. How we will achieve it? By Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. 

Our Philosophy (EAT)

To continue Educating people and making products & services Affordable to maximize the number of consumers shift to green and eco-friendly alternates with Technological collaborations.

Aniket Joshi

Aniket Joshi is a finance professional about 18 years of experience in Strategy and Merger & Acquisitions. He has worked across various sectors like Infrastructure, Manufacturing and Technology space with companies like Adani, L&T and Timken. He has interests in classical music, travel, exploring the culture and nature. 

COVID made him believe that we need to give respect and space to the nature and preserve the elements of life for generations to come. At Grewind, he aims to promote affordable and sustainable lifestyle and take it to the masses.

Prasad S N

Prasad S N is a Management Professional with over 14 years of experience in various business facets of the Automotive Industry, in both India and Germany. Have authored various research papers which are published in many National and International Conferences & journals. Along with 9-6 job, have been an active citizen working towards social problems such as environment, Women Empowerment. 

Passion towards our planet and scare of future planet made me to quit and transit from Wantrepreneur to Socialpreneur which is working towards developing a carbon negative world.

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