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Clothes: Swap | Shop | Dispose event by Saahas;  27th June – 10th July

  Why Shop when we can Swap ?

One of the most easy way to reduce waste is to switch to swapping of our clothes thereby which one gets to upgrade their wardrobe and also do it in the most environment friendly method.

One of collaborating partner Saahas Zero Waste has successfully completed their clothes collection drive collecting

a. 9.5+ tones of clothes
b. 19,000+ clothes
c. From 70+ locations
d. 600+ households contributed.

They have Sorted, Segregated and Picked the best out of these clothes to organize a SWAP | SHOP.

You can join them to swap, drop and dispose!

Time: 10am-5pm

Date: 27th June – 10th July

Location : Saahas Zero Waste

For more queries you can call : +918951942570