Sanitary pads with wings
Sanitary pads with wings

Best Emerging Sanitary Pads to opt for: Choose Pure Cotton

Feminine hygiene is a crucial aspect of every menstruator’s life, emphasizing the need to select top-quality products ( Sanitary Pads, menstrual cups, etc) that offer both comfort and protection.

One of the preferred choices for women seeking 100% cotton sanitary pads can be its biodegradable variants. 

These pads are crafted from pure cotton, not only ensuring comfort during use but also actively contributing to environmental sustainability.

Biodegradable sanitary pads are meticulously designed to deliver maximum absorption and leak protection, guaranteeing undisturbed nights of restful sleep. With their soft cotton composition, these pads are gentle on the skin, making them a sought-after solution for individuals with sensitive skin or allergies.

Eco-Friendly Sanitary Pad Brands in 2024 :

Did you know that according to a study by The Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, the Government of India shows that girls and women use 12 billion pads annually. This is estimated to generate menstrual waste amounting to 9,400 tonnes per month or 1,12,800 tonnes annually. So while we encourage the usage of Period Cups & Reusable cloth pads, a lot of people still find it a little difficult to make that instant shift. So what about them? With one step at a time, we have something for them:

Lado Sanitary Napkins

Amid the multitude of choices, one standout eco-friendly brand in the production of 100% cotton sanitary pads is  Lado Sanitary Napkin, at Grewind

These eco-conscious pads stand out for being devoid of harmful chemicals and synthetic materials, significantly lowering the risk of irritation and allergic reactions. Infused with natural cotton, they effectively regulate moisture and airflow, ensuring a lasting feeling of freshness and dryness throughout the day. With leading brands championing 100% cotton sanitary pads for nighttime use, women can revel in sustainable period care without compromising on the essential factors of comfort and protection.


  • Rash free: No prints or perfume on the top layer to avoid rashes
  • Easy Disposal: Free Black Disposal Biodegradable pouch provided for each individual pad
  • All pads are Ultra Thin, individually wrapped with cotton that must be saved until the disposal time.
  • Large Surface of Organic cotton for an instant dry and super soft feeling.
  • Nano Strip with benefits of antibacterial neutralizes odor and maintains pH level.
  • Super Absorbent which ensures effective fluid absorption, keeping the Pad to stay dry all the time.
  • Non toxic glue allows strong fitting on the Panty.

Now while a lot of people are hesitant in making this shift, specially concerned for Nighttime, we have got you all covered as well! Read along!

Tips for  Night-time during Menstruation

Managing menstruation during nighttime can be challenging, but with the right approach, you can ensure a comfortable and stress-free experience. Here are some tips for handling nighttime menstruation with sanitary napkins:

1. Choose the Right Sanitary Napkin:

Opt for sanitary pads specifically designed for nighttime use, which are usually longer and more absorbent to provide adequate protection during the night like Lado Sanitary Napkins, from Grewind.

2. Ensure Proper Coverage:

Position the sanitary napkin correctly to ensure maximum coverage and protection against leaks. Consider using pads with wings for added security.

3. Change Regularly

It’s essential to change your sanitary napkin regularly, even during the night. Aim to change it every 4-6 hours to maintain hygiene and prevent leakage.

4. Comfortable Sleep Attire

Wear loose, comfortable sleepwear to allow for better airflow and prevent overheating. Cotton pajamas are a good choice as they are breathable and gentle on the skin.

5. Stay Hydrated: 

Drink an adequate amount of water before bedtime to stay hydrated, which can help alleviate cramps and other menstrual discomforts.

6. Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

Follow a bedtime routine that promotes relaxation, such as taking a warm bath, practicing deep breathing exercises, or listening to calming music, to help you unwind and get a restful night’s sleep.

By incorporating these tips into your nighttime routine, you can effectively manage menstruation with sanitary napkins and ensure a comfortable and undisturbed sleep during your period.

In conclusion, the path towards sustainable period care in India is deeply intertwined with the surge of biodegradable sanitary pads crafted from pure cotton. These pads epitomize the pinnacle of comfort, protection, and environmental consciousness, offering women a holistic solution for their menstrual needs. With esteemed brands along with Grewind, championing pure cotton sanitary pads suitable for nights, women can confidently engage in responsible period care, ensuring a harmonious blend of comfort, protection, and sustainability.

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