Peeschute- Medi- reusable unisex disposable urinal bags
Peeschute- Medi- reusable unisex disposable urinal bags

Experience Hassle Free with Disposable Urinal Bags

As we all know, adventures are the best way to learn new things. To explore, one needs to travel, but travelling is not that easy for all as people suffering from urinary incontinence find it extremely difficult and challenging to go to places, especially by road. Not anymore. Company Peeschute  makes disposable urinal bags, an innovative pocket toilet which can be used by both men and women. Apart from travellers, these peebags are extremely convenient for persons with disabilities and those recovering from an injury. Sometimes it gets difficult for people suffering from an injury to sit in squat position so one can stand and pee using peeschute bag for pee.

Now the question arises how much does this Urinal bag cost?

The urinary bag prices are pocket friendly, costs Rs. 250 which includes 25 bags for pee and each peebag is one time use. The cost is pretty nominal compared to the stress one takes while travelling about stinky toilets on highways that can be infectious at most times. So it’s convenient to carry your own portable pee bag.

Moving further with the benefits of using peebags mentioned below:

1. These are made up of paper, thus environment friendly causing no harm to our mother Earth

2. You are now no longer going to depend upon caretakers or family members. As you can manage peeing in disposable bags that are leakage proof as well

3. Your surroundings are not polluted by the odor rather all the bad odor gets trapped into the bag firmly

4. The pee solidifies immediately therefore no spilling around

5. Lastly, it is very much convenient to use, lightweight and portable

Further if we see, mothers are always petrified and feel exhausted in managing kids while travelling.

These peebags give them relief from the pain of making kids pee in foul smelling washrooms coming on the way, and stopping for them again and again takes longer to reach the destination.

Another concern people usually face while traveling is whether they drink water or not before leaving for their destination with the thought that they will have to take washroom breaks again and again, and sometimes it is hard to locate clean washrooms. Also holding pee for longer duration can lead to serious issues such as urinary incontinence so it is better to use peebags for avoiding such issues.

This wonderful product is ultra convenient for both men and women, no separate urine bags for ladies.  

Considering all the useful parameters of the pee bag, the idea has turned out to be very innovative and unique, catering to problems of all sections of society and making traveling much easier. One can now travel without taking any burden and just enjoy the journey.

You can buy the Peeschute bag here

Content Source: Peeschute

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