Organic Sanitary Pads
Organic Sanitary Pads

Why we must switch to Hygienic and Organic Sanitary Pads ?

It’s evident that people’s mindsets towards many things are changing. It includes our usual lifestyle choices too. Gone are the days of mindless consumption. People are conscious about shopping for sustainable and pro-green products. It also explains the growing number of eco-friendly products, like Organic Sanitary Pads, which have struck a chord with consumers. As the world chooses sustainability, it’s essential to understand what organic sanitary pads are.

Why we must switch to Organic Sanitary Pads?

Sanitary hygiene is very important for Women’s Health and personal hygiene. A report indicates that in India around 336 million girl and women experience menstruation every month in which only 36% if them use sanitary napkins. The number is even lower in rural areas. While it is important to accelerate this number encouraging more women to use sanitary pads, it is also important for these pads to be environment friendly as most of these sanitary napkins are 95% plastic and take almost 500-800 years to decompose. 

Therefore, there is huge need to cater to both the sanitary hygiene and environment and Organic Sanitary Pads with Biodegradable Pouches ticks both these points.

They are also more absorbent and comfortable than regular hygienic pads. Switching to these organic and biodegradable sanitary pads ensures the protection of the planet from harmful pollutants.

Are Organic Sanitary Pads Safe?

While the environmental benefits of biodegradable sanitary pads have been well-known for a while now, some people still need to learn about their long-term safety.

Organic sanitary pads are still relatively new in the market. It can take time to garner consumers’ trust worldwide. Grewind is the exception, as their fantastic catalog of Sustainable Products India and other eco-friendly products are sustainable, safe, and of good quality.

Organic sanitary pads with biodegradable pouches contain next to no plastic, and they have no toxins or any other harmful chemicals. They’re safe and don’t cause infections, allergies, or itching.

Benefits of Switching to Organic Sanitary Pads

The popularity of eco-friendly products in our day-to-day lives seemingly shows no bounds, and this is a sign of good times to come as people’s new mindsets and beliefs are centered on protecting the environment. Organic sanitary pads play a massive role in this shift of mentality as they provide a whole host of added benefits that puts regular sanitary pads into obscurity. Some of those benefits are –

  1. No Rashes or Irritation

The skin may be too sensitive to the materials used in regular sanitary pads, which can result in an adverse reaction. It can even lead to infections and inflamed regions on the skin.

Biodegradable sanitary pads are comfortable and don’t cause any rash or irritation, making them a safer alternative.

  1. Naturally Decomposing

As the name suggests, Organic sanitary pads, or any biodegradable product, start to decompose within a year of use.

It is in direct contrast with plastic-based sanitary pads, which can take centuries to decompose.

  1. Non-Polluting

Regular sanitary pads contain polymers that release Dioxin into the air, resulting in a massive increase in air pollution. Biodegradable hygienic pads don’t cause this problem.

  1. Medically Recommended

Not only are biodegradable sanitary pads a boon for the environment, but they’re also regarded highly by the medical community because of how they protect from infections and rashes.


As mentioned above, Organic sanitary pads continue to prove that they should be the norm moving forward. It is owing to the many positive changes it brings about regarding the environment and better hygiene.

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