MildCares Disposable Stand and Pee (Female Urination Device) for Women – 10 Funnels

Mildcares Standing Female Urination device allows women of all ages to stand and urinate with its unique designed funnel – when you don’t want to sit on an unfriendly toilet.

A must-have device for hospital and medical needs, highways and outdoor, railway and metro as well as public toilets. The first portable, Disposable standing female urination device for women using which women can stand and urinate in all public and common toilets.

It is a revolutionary product for women who hate dirty toilets when traveling fights or train or highways for work or leisure treks, marathons, road trips, events, or those with medical condition joint pains, or pregnancy. “


Using the Pee device you can simply stand and pee and avoid all UTIs or infections or yucky experiences at dirty toilets. It comes with simple open place pee throw instructions and is very convenient to use with no spills. Now use and throw pee device and stay away from infections, UTI. No more wiping of the seat, no more squats, no more holding it in. “


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MildCares Disposable Stand & Pee (Female Urination Device) for Women – 10 Funnels

Introducing the Mildcares Standing Female Urination Device – the ultimate solution for women seeking a convenient and hygienic way to urinate in public settings

Stand and Pee

Say goodbye to uncomfortable public toilets with Mildcares’ unique funnel-shaped device. Designed for women of all ages, it allows for standing urination, eliminating the need to sit on unfriendly toilet seats. Whether you’re on a highway, outdoors, in a medical facility, or using public restrooms, this portable and disposable device is your perfect companion.

Stand and Pee

This revolutionary product is ideal for various situations, including travel, work, leisure activities like treks or marathons, and for women with joint pains or during pregnancy. By using the standing female urination device, you can avoid the discomfort of dirty toilets and reduce the risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) and other infections.

Using the device is simple and hassle-free. Just follow the easy-to-understand instructions provided and enjoy a spill-free experience. No more wiping seats, squatting, or holding it in. With the Mildcares Standing Female Urination Device, you can confidently stand and pee, ensuring your comfort and well-being.

Stay protected from infections and UTIs while enjoying the freedom to urinate conveniently and hygienically. Choose Mildcares and embrace a cleaner, more comfortable way of using public restrooms.


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